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All the software typographers ever need to generate, edit, manipulate, convert and explore digital type (fonts).

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Classical Font Editor Enhanced!


Easily expand existing fonts to include fractions, symbols, foreign characters, and logos in Type 1, Type 3, and TrueType fonts, or create an entire typeface from scratch.

Fonts created with Fontographer can be used in any program with a font menu on Windows and Macintosh platforms.


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New in Version 5.0
Reasons for using Fontographer
Demoversion Fontographer 5.1 Windows in Array
Demoversion Fontographer 5.1 OS X in Array
Manual of Fontographer 5.1 OS X in Array


Article-No. Name Version Operating Systems Languages £ $  
SO001130 Fontographer 5.1 Windows
Array $447.60

SO001129 Fontographer 5.1 OS X
Array $447.60

SO001136 Fontographer 5.1 Academic ** OS X
Array $274.80

SO001137 Fontographer 5.1 Academic ** Windows
Array $274.80

SO001133 Fontographer 5.1 Education * OS X
Array $196.80

SO001134 Fontographer 5.1 Education * Windows
Array $196.80

SO001131 Fontographer 5.1 Upgrade 4.7 *** OS X
Array $166.80

SO001138 Fontographer 5.1 Upgrade 4.x *** OS X
Array $223.20

SO001140 Fontographer 5.1 Upgrade 4.x *** Windows
Array $223.20

* Education licenses are only for educational institutes and the minumum amount of licenses to buy is 8.

** Academic licenses are only for educational institutes and their members.

*** For upgrade orders we need your previous serial or product number. While ordering please enter the number in the field „Note for the shipping team“.