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Infos about font classification like Sans Serif, Serif, Slab Serif

Here you will find detailed information about the most important several font classifications, like serif, sans serif, script, symbo, transitional, modern

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Slab Serifs

Slab Serifs

In the wake of industrialisation in the early 19th century there evolved in England a group of typefaces with little or no difference between hairlines and main strokes. All elements of the letterform, including serifs, have the same optical stroke thickness. This applies both for light as well as heavy weights. Emphasis on serifs is the common stylistic element. The group also comprises two other sharply distinguished kinds of typefaces: Clarendon, or Egyptienne, and Italienne. The former feature smooth transitions to the serifs whilst the Italienne letters have been extended, with the serifs appearing over-emphasised, their weight being stronger than the other letter elements.