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Infos about font classification like Sans Serif, Serif, Slab Serif

Here you will find detailed information about the most important several font classifications, like serif, sans serif, script, symbo, transitional, modern

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Broken Types

Broken Types

During the 12th century the Carolingian minuscule evolved into the so-called gothic minuscule, a closely set, fast-to-write script with a broken ductus, the capital letter being taken from the uncia!. Following this, Textura, an especially closely set bookhand with rhombic serifs, became the prototype of broken letters, the Gutenberg Bible being a prime example. Under the cultural influence of Italy and Spain letterforms became rounder and led to Rotunda. Another derivation from Textura is Schwabacher. Fraktura which is characterized by especially flourishing capitals was created shortly after 1500.